About Us

About Us

Actually, it’s about you. You as a business owner, leader or manager. You as a person.

We believe everyone has a unique set of skills, characteristics and qualities which can be identified, developed and channelled to achieve optimum success. For some it’s about achieving success at work, for others it’s about home, social relationships and striking a balance to achieve a richness and fulfilment in their lives. Whatever you want, be it in your professional life, personal life or both, we can help you get there.

We are experienced and qualified HR professionals with a strong commercial bias. Having each worked in a variety of commercial sectors nationally and internationally, we understand the challenges faced by today’s businesses. That’s why we partner with you and give you practical, sensible advice, guidance and support with all your people management needs. We can handle your recruitment too. We find the right person for you and take care of induction and onboarding to get them quickly embedded into your organisation. And when conflict arises, we offer skilled and experienced mediation services to help find a clear path forward.

At Next Steps, we don’t over complicate things with buzz words, acronyms and jargon; we just work with you in developing your people, simplifying employment legislation and keeping you up to date and compliant. This enables you to get on and take care of business.

Talking of business, we are also experienced and qualified Coaches. Most of our team have worked at board level in both multinational organisations and in highly successful small and medium enterprises. The premise has been the same, to increase productivity and performance at an individual and corporate level. We work with owners, leaders and individual managers to coach them in growing their skills, greater revenue generation and increased profitability. We also work with owners in increasing value in preparation for sale and in helping them grow through acquisition and other channels.

In addition to HR services, mediation, leadership coaching, management development and business reengineering, we also specialise in personal coaching. As well as working with adults, we are specialists in coaching children and adolescents.

The environments in which we work with you may differ; the aspirations and desired outcomes may differ but what remains the same is our unwavering commitment to listening, supporting and enabling you to really start living the life you want. Get in touch and take the next steps towards living a life you love and deserve.

At Next Steps, we have the qualifications, experience and commercial acumen needed to ensure your success. Why not look at the organisations we’ve worked with, read our testimonials and get in touch? We can’t wait to hear from you.


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At Next Steps we can meet you at your workplace or at our offices situated in Nottingham and Derby. We can also work with you over the phone and via Zoom and Skype.


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