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We thought long and hard about our office environment, wanting to make it comfortable and welcoming for us as well as you, our clients.

Given the nature of our business and our passion for stimulating and sustaining positive behaviours, self-improvement and well-being, it was important to us that we provide an accessible, inviting space with comfy chairs encouraging everyone to sit, think and chat.

Studies show the right environment can influence our mood, impact our behaviour and motivation to act, facilitate interactions and by reducing stress, can actually improve our emotional and physical health and longevity!

For these reasons, we located our office in the magnificent Strelley Hall, a beautiful period building set in parkland, dating back to around 1200AD. It creates a wonderful coaching environment away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, enabling us to focus entirely on your needs in a calm and tranquil environment. Come and see for yourself.

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