Employee Hotline

The Next Steps HR confidential employee hotline service is designed to give you and your staff complete peace of mind that any concerns relating to sensitive matters such as harassment, bullying, inappropriate behaviour, theft, collusion, misconduct will be heard and taken seriously. Often people feel better able to tell someone independent what is going on than go directly to their employer in the first instance. The hotline is not designed to replace you, it is another means of enabling someone to say something, so we can work with you to resolve issues before they escalate.

There have been many high- profile celebrities and officials who have made the headlines for harassment, bullying or other inappropriate behaviour. ‘Why didn’t anyone say anything at the time?’ is often a question that’s asked. Being unaware of issues is no defence for employers. The types of serious issues identified can have a devastating impact on your staff and consequences for you and your business which go beyond purely financial. By providing a confidential employee hotline, your staff need not shy away from bringing something to your attention because they perceive you’re too busy and don’t want to bother you, or feel embarrassed to do so, or feel they won’t be believed. The confidential employee hotline is a means of safeguarding them and a means of safeguarding you.

We offer a number of straightforward packages to suit your needs.

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Don’t be the last to know if things are not quite right somewhere in your organisation. Show your people that they matter and make it easy for them to come forward in confidence to safeguard their wellbeing and the integrity, reputation, culture and future of your business. Call us now on 0800 049 7098

Reports  provided within 4 or 6 ‘business hours’ dependent on package selected. Business hours 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. 9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday.

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